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Enjoy Special Ladena | At this nature-friendly resort, you can experience the fun and stylish leisure activities in Chuncheon

Introduction of Ladena Resort

HOME Introduction of Ladena Resort Social Activity & Vision

Social Activity & Vision

Belief that happiness doubles when hope is shared The Ladena Resort shares hope through various sharing events to give hope and happiness to many people. We will make it our commitment to exert the utmost efforts to make life more enjoyable for everyone.

Social Activities - The first step to share hope

photo : sharing events of The Ladena Resort

The Ladena Resort has been sharing
hope through various sharing events that
are intended to give hope and happiness to
many people.

The Hill of Sharingis a place that
accommodates about 50 persons such as
elderly women, mentally disabled women
and children, as well as the head of house-
Each year, the Ladena family members visit
this place to help the people through
various practical activities such as prepara-
tion for the winter, lunch service, and recre-

We give dream and hope to the future generation.

photo : Yeonsanhong Festival

The Ladena Golf Club is opened to public with no admission charge during the
Yeonsanhong Festival.Various events such as golf experience, policemen’s
performance, and magic acts are offered for children.We are doing our best to
turn the grass field into a wonderful venue where everyone at the festival can
experience immense fun and excitement.

Young Golf Talent Training Support

photo : Young Golf Talent Training Support

Since its opening, the Ladena Resort has been steadily becoming a venue for
developing young and promising golf talents.
Golf players produced during the course of the training program include
Kyung-Hee Cho, Kyung-Ja Shin, Yun-Joo Hong and Sin-Hye Kim. These
players are now playing well at KLPGA after their debut as pros. Other young
players are also preparing to make a good impression in their professional
debuts. As for our part, we are trying to lay out the solid foundation that would
lead the way in the development of Korean golf.

Vision - Ladena Resort Vision

photo : Young Golf Talent Training Support

The company of Ladena Resort [Doosan Cuvex] is a name formed by
customer + value + excellence. Under the vision of "the first-class
company that thinks of the customer’s happiness and satisfaction
, we will do our best to become not only a company that realizes both
growth and profit, but also a company that gives back to its customers.



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