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Golf Club Use Information

Club Use Information

For convenient use of members… The Ladena Golf Club operates in accordance with the following club rules.

Customer Info

Match Progress Information

Match Information
The play requires a minimum of 2 persons up to 4 persons. (The two-person play is
allowed only during weekdays and a group must be accompanied by a member.)
Match Time
The time limit of 2 hours per 9 holes is recommended.
Tee-Off Time
To provide a smoother playing time to our members, the tee-off takes place at a 7-minute
interval during both weekdays and weekends.
Marshal Operation
For a team that hinders smooth match progress because of slow play or etiquette violation,
a marshal is sent to the course to help in facilitating the smooth progress of a match.

Rules to Follow during Matches

Smoking is prohibited within the entire course to secure the health of members as well as
pleasant golf play. Cooperation by members is highly appreciated to make the Ladena
Golf Club a more nature-friendly golf course. (Smoking area: club house and Geuneuljip)
A notice is sent to persons who violate the basic etiquettes such as
slow play , two-ball play and Bunker Cleanup.
Golf Cart
The golf cart is allowed only on the designated cart roads.
Please park the golf cart only at the designated areas.
Dress Code
Our club restricts the entrance of individuals who wear collarless shirts,
short pants, blue jeans, and slippers.

Other Information

  • Please leave valuable items at the front desk.
  • Be informed that our staff is not allowed to take tips.
  • Please do not bring food to the course.
  • We are not responsible for lost or stolen golf bags exchanged with the certificate of receipt at the front desk.



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