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Enjoy Special Rounding | Quality of life desired by everyone A new trend in the stylish leisure culture is created.

Course Information

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Course Information

Great natural view, best landscape and superior course design Please come and enjoy the beauty of a challenging golf rounding at the Ladena Golf Club that boasts many small and big lakes, wide fairways, and beautiful natural landscapes.

Course Info

  • LAKE Course : 1 ~ 9th HOLE
  • GARDEN Course : 1 ~ 9th HOLE
  • NATURE Course : 1 ~ 9th HOLE
Ladena Golf Club All Course
Total Area
1,000,000 ㎡
Course Size
27holes, par108
Course length
10,000 m
120 locations
27 locations
photo : Ladena Golf Club LAKE Course
LAKE Course : 1 ~ 9th HOLE Advanced strategy in the mood of
lakes and various variations…
photo : Ladena Golf Club GARDEN Course
GARDEN Course : 1 ~ 9th HOLE Excitement of drive in the Scottish
scene and wide fairways…
photo : Ladena Golf Club NATURE Course
NATURE Course : 1 ~ 9th HOLE Great hill course,
the beauty of exciting play…



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