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Enjoy Special Rounding | Quality of life desired by everyone A new trend in the stylish leisure culture is created.

Subsidiary Facility

HOME Golf Club Subsidiary Facility Food&Beverage Section

Food&Beverage Section

Place for members’ comfortable and convenient rest You will be delighted as you relax under a cozy, stylish, and nature-friendly environment.


Stylish cuisine recommended by the best chef Main Cafeteria

photo : Ladena Golf Club Main Cafeteria

Six of Korea’s top-class chefs at the main
cafeteria offer various delectable dishes
from Korea, China, and the Western
region. You will be delightfully satisfied
with special flavors and aroma while
dining under a cozy and stylish

Information : 033) 260-1320/1323

Good rest area during rounding – Geuneuljip

photo : Ladena Golf Club Geuneuljip

You can use the Start House and Geuneuljip at the Lake, Garden and
Nature courses, and each Geuneuljip offers various foods and beverages
that perfectly complement each of the four seasons of the year.
Especially, the outdoor terrace of Start House and Garden Geuneuljip is the
best place to enjoy the exquisite beauty of nature. This outdoor terrace is
also a perfect venue for holding a fun-filled barbecue party.

Information : Start House 033)260-1353,
L Geuneuljip 033)260-1355, G Geuneuljip 033)260-1356,
N Geuneuljip 033)260-1357

Special place only for VIP – Member’s Lounge

photo : Ladena Golf Club Member’s Lounge

Special meeting place for members The latest A/V system and lighting
equipment make the Member’s Lounge a truly special meeting
place for members.

Information : 033)260-1320,-1322



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