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Enjoy Special Rounding | Quality of life desired by everyone A new trend in the stylish leisure culture is created.

Introduction of Golf Club

Introduction of Club

As a person who understands class and honor, you are cordially invited as VIP to Ladena. Pleasant rounding environment, excellent course design, and comfortable rest area The Ladena Golf Club is creating a new trend in the stylish golf culture.

Club Introduction
Opening September 02,1990

1007-1 Eongjok-ri Sindong-myeon,Chuncheon-si Kangwon-do, Korea (Postal Code 200-812)
TEL : 033-260-114 FAX : 033-263-6060
Subsidiary Facility
Business room, Restaurant, Geuneuljip, Practice range, Pro shop, Front desk, Locker and Driver’s lounge
Area : 1,533,823m2
Course : 27-hole par 108 10,351 Yards

Clear Differentiation Of Single and Beginner

photo : Ladena Golf Club

Facilities at the Ladena Golf Club such as gentle up/down, wide fairway
with over 60m and lady tee built according to regulations allow everyone
to play golf in a fun and convenient manner.
However, advanced strategy is required to play at the Ladena Golf Club.
Each hole is designed with an appropriate degree of difficulty and rhythm to
differentiate single and beginner clearly. Clearly distinguished fairway and
rough, daring mound introduced first in Korea, various types of 88 bunkers,

and rich water resources such as pond and waterfall provide an extensive degree of harmony and variations
in the golf course. These features will motivate people with the spirit of challenge in each rounding.

Carefully, more carefully

photo : Ladena Golf Club Club House

Most courses are designed to head to the ideal Southeastern direction by
carefully considering the effects of sunlight and wind. In addition, the
courses are arranged equally in clockwise and counterclockwise directions
so as to give the same feeling even if they have the same diameter.
The lady tee was also installed according to the standards to enable fair competition between couples.

Surrounded by bird, deer and flower

photo : Ladena Golf Club Nature Course

Wagtail, great tit, pheasant, duck, and deer can be found in the course.
Flowers that fill in the course make the Ladena Golf Club an exquisitely
beautiful garden throughout the four seasons of every year.



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